214 Target by Hong Kong for Nepal

The 3rd match of Nepal in ACC Emerging Cup against Hong Kong, the batting team has set the target of 214 runs for Nepal in the loss of 10 wickets in 50 overs.

Nepali bowlers has exhibited their bowling skills to the best by giving very tight bowling performance in the game, after winning the toss and opting to field first. Avinash Karn, the emrging player of Nepal took 3 wickets in total of his 5 overs. Bhuwan Karki, Sushan Bhari and Gyanendra Malla were able to make it to 2-2-2 wickets each.

From Hong Kong’s side, Anshuman Rath was the highest scorer making 51 runs in 50 overs. Likewise Cameron MCaulsen made 43 runs in 73 overs and Waqas Khan made 30 runs in 65 overs.

The 2nd Inning of the match is being played at Bangladesh and the Nepali players are giving their best to get their victory amongst the 3 matches of ACC Emerging cup.

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